Handling unexpected challenges in college

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Alex Mendoza
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Everyone will experience something new in college, and it’s inevitable that sometimes challenges will occur. For example, many students are currently experiencing a disruption in their education due to campus closures revolving around public health concerns. But how does one face such change?

Let’s start with saying that everybody handles change differently. There is no universal answer to overcome obstacles that you face when being put in a different environment. But there are ways to lessen the stress and fear when facing such changes. 

Write your worries out

To start off, list all of your worries down on paper. Getting overwhelmed is usually the biggest issue for an incoming freshman or anyone facing an unexpected situation. Putting your issues down in order of priority will show you visually what you need to focus on and what is the most important. Focusing on one issue at a time allows you to use better time management and increase attention to the subject that needs the most help. 

Seek out help

Usually, schools offer complimentary services in terms of basic advising or therapy for those who need it. Advisors and therapists are there to lighten the load in terms of what you are looking to study or even provide insight on how to keep calm. Being familiar with these resources only benefits you in the long run because you will be able to seek help if you need someone to help guide you. It is understandable that sometimes reaching out is scary, but these resources exist solely to help you make it through each semester as best as you can. You are not alone and these resources are there to prove that to you.  

Connect with others

Take the opportunity to look around and delve into your own interests. Sometimes new friends are in the most unexpected places. If you’re currently adjusting to on-line classes, reach out to classmates and friends virtually. Use digital tools to stay connected while you can’t meet face-to-face.  Seek out people who are going through similar challenges and can assist you in overcoming your struggles. 

While these are some simple tips, they actually work well to help you get comfortable as you face any new challenge. Everything has a starting point and an ending point, and how you handle it will be how you grow. It can seem daunting, but the results will be worth it. You may feel like there are some dark periods where there won’t be a happy moment, but I assure you, you are not alone. Starting with these tips, you can help yourself maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle that will make your college life worth it. 


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