Get ready for Mani Monday!

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Kiara Smith
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You may think to yourself, what is ‘Mani Monday’? Is ‘Mani Monday’ every Monday? And if you think like me, ‘Will there be a special discount or giveaway if I take a trip to the nail salon on Monday?”  Unfortunately, ‘Mani Monday’ is not every Monday and whether there will be discounts or giveaways is solely left up to the nail salon of your choice. However, June 1st, which happens to be on a Monday this year, has been deemed ‘National Nail Polish Day’. Although your everyday life may not be perfect, who says your nails cannot be? Mondays are usually dreaded, but you can brighten the day by treating yourself with a trip to the salon. The nail salon can relieve stress, cure a case of the blues, and so much more.

A New Meaning

Due to our current world pandemic, I am not sure what will become of ‘Mani Monday’ this year. Perhaps, more people will be showing off their freshly painted nails and toes that they did themselves. With an abundance of newfound time, people have taken up new hobbies to keep them occupied while in quarantine. Painting nails is a hobby on many lists. People can no longer run to the salon for their every nail desire. What is the solution? Paint your own! 

Always Learning

Internet sources can be a great way to teach you the skills needed to create salon-like masterpieces. You may even choose to continue to do your own nails after this pandemic has ended. During this time, you have an opportunity to pick up a new skill set and help save money at the same time. Who knows! You may even be able to turn your new hobby into a business endeavor and change a personal expense to a revenue.

Maintaining Creativity

Throughout this unprecedented time, a spa day can be very important for one’s mental health. Activities like painting nails allows people to exhibit creativity and control in a chaotic time. Whether participating in ‘Mani Monday’ or making music, it is important to find a creative outlet where you can release stress.


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