How I'm staying positive while staying at home

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Natalie Farran
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be spread every day. This virus does not know young from old – anyone can be affected by it. Yes, we have a stay at home order in Michigan, but it will help things get better. Meanwhile, this does not mean we can’t have fun. To face these hard times, I have several activities I try to complete every day. These help me maintain a positive outlook and attitude.

  • Creating a schedule to stay on track. It’s easy to fall behind in online classes. I allot daily time for studying, homework, and taking care of my family.
  • Drawing and writing as much as possible. It serves as a creative outlet and brings me joy when I am in a bad mood. 
  • Video-chatting with my family members who are in Italy. 
  • Meditating because it helps me to sleep well and lifts my mood. 
  • Getting outside in the sunshine as much as possible. 
  • Putting on my favorite outfit and going for a drive, while playing my favorite music. 
  • Running in the empty park because I enjoy smelling the fresh air.
  • Looking to reliable sources for news and information. I check reliable websites like the Center for Disease Control.

Outside of these things, I always make time for fun. We all get busy with work and school, but making time for activities you enjoy usually lifts your mood. I make sure to start every day with a smile. This simple gesture reminds me to think positively.

I know by following proper safety protocols, things will get better. I try to stay strong for my friends and family who do not have this option. Together, we will get through this. Despite social distancing, love can still be spread. So, continue to spread love and care in your everyday life.