Attending college in the Appalachian Mountains

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Logan Phillips
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Deciding where to attend college. That is one of the biggest decisions students make in their lifetime. If you are not happy where you attend college and don’t love the atmosphere of university life, then that may cause you to not have a successful college experience. If you are deciding on where to attend college or are considering going to college in the mountains, here is what it is like to attend college in the Appalachian Mountains. 

I attend Appalachian State University which is a college located in Boone, North Carolina. Appalachian State is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is a providence of the Appalachian Mountain range. Appalachian State has a campus that is unique in culture and diversity. No matter who you are or what your beliefs are, at Appalachian State everyone has the opportunity to fit in and find your comfort group. 

Wide weather variety

Other than a positive, distinctive university and campus life, attending college in the Appalachian Mountains is a unique experience all on its own. You could have days where the weather feels like spring, then wake up the next morning to a 20 degree temperature drop and snow blowing on your way to class. Dealing with cold weather, wind, snow, and ice is something you definitely have to prepare for if you attend college in the mountains. I find that since I have moved up here in the Appalachian Mountains, checking my weather application is now a daily routine. 

Free time options

Next, attending college in the mountains also has its perks when deciding on how to spend your free time on the weekend. Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are several ski resorts that provide great recreational fun for everyone. There is also ice skating and snow tubing available. The local ski resorts almost always have special discount nights for students in the area, which is great for college students, since almost all of us have a tight budget. 

During the warmer months, the Appalachian Mountains are widely known for their beautiful hiking trails, including the worldwide known Appalachian Trail for expert hikers. During the warmer months here on campus at Appalachian State, several students love to hang their hammocks up for a comfortable place to work on classwork outside. If you are not into hiking, hammocking, or winter recreational activities, there is something for almost anyone to do in the Appalachian Mountains and especially at Appalachian State. 

Attending college in the mountains is an experience like no other. I chose to attend college in the Appalachian Mountains for its unique culture and diversity, cooler weather, and all of the recreational activities the mountains have to offer. There are almost 20,000 students that attend college here in the mountains at Appalachian State, but it still has a small college feel. Students almost always see one of their friends or someone they know in the coffee shop or elsewhere on campus. Professors really care about teaching and seeing their students transcend. My decision to attend Appalachian State University is one that I will never regret. When you’re deciding to go to college, I hope you pick somewhere you love just as much as I love Appalachian State. 


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