Take a break: Time off helps you rejuvenate physically and emotionally

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Sidney Li
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A break. 

That’s what we all strive for. Whether you’re planning a little getaway through a road trip, dreaming of a bigger journey farther way, or simply looking forward to some time at home,  we want to live in the moment and completely enjoy our stress relief for a time.  Even in the midst of municipal lock downs due to COVID, we can still find ways to make the most of time off. Here are some tips and tricks to completely utilize your break to its fullest.

1 – Take advantage of the tourists’ and locals’ favorite spots

If you’re traveling, of course the highest priority is to be mindful of the current CDC health guidelines. Once that’s taken care of, consider going to the nooks and crannies in an area that you’re not familiar with will allow you to become your own little Indiana Jones with the new sights you’ll encounter. Search online for insider tips on must-see places or events that are available. Even exploring a city in your state that you or your friends have never visited can be a vacation. Soak in the culture wherever you go whether it be near or far.

2 – Put your phone on silent

Keeping your attention focused on other activities instead of your phone allows you to stay in the relaxed mood that you’re aspiring to stay in. This is when the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option on your phone becomes your best friend. If you really lack self-control, put it in a different room and keep it there. Why surf through all of the various social media apps and watch people’s TikToks when you’re in a new environment? Live in the moment; take in your surroundings instead of your phone!

3 – Lighten your workload beforehand

Try to get as much work done as possible before you jet off for vacation mode so you don’t spend your free time dreading to play the unruly game of “catch up” when you return back to school or work. This can easily be achieved by staying organized and motivated as well as outlining your tasks. Don’t procrastinate! 

4 – Treat yourself

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go completely overboard. Do something that you have been wanting to do, but haven’t had the opportunity. Spoil yourself. It could be as simple as sleeping in an extra hour or watching a show that you have been dying to watch. 

5 – Indulge in your hobbies

Take advantage of apps like Groupon and Skyscanner because they provide deals with local businesses near you or let you explore cheap flights and hotels where you can stay. You’ll be able to ball on a budget and try out the new hobbies you have been considering. 

6 – Go out of your comfort zone

Ever considered taking goat yoga or hiking an unknown trail? Now’s the time to do it. Following up on step five, you can utilize the deals and continue having fun on a budget. If you’re hesitant to try something new on your own, bring a friend to do it with you. 

7 – Connect with friends and family

Sometimes work and school overwhelms and consumes you from your little circle of friends and family. Catch up with that friend you have been thinking about just to see how they’re doing. Take your parents out. Go on a small road trip with some of your close buddies. Do something that is relaxing to you, but also reconnects you with those you love most. 

Know that you DESERVE this break. Everyone needs a little moment to breathe and catch their breath. Do not feel like you are completely slacking off simply because you are “on a break.” With all that’s going on in our world today, breaks are especially important to our health—mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and more. You’ll be back to reality soon enough, refreshed and ready to focus on what’s next!


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