Explore Endless Possibilities Through the World of Science Fiction

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Ashish Bijumon
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Science Fiction has influenced our society in so many ways. People across the world line up at the theatres to watch the newest Star Wars film or the next Avengers movie. These films, based on books and comics, allow us to experience a world of endless possibilities. They enable us to imagine a world where superheroes live among us, where dinosaurs are resurrected for an amusement park, or an interstellar conflict is happening in a galaxy far away. January 2nd is Science Fiction Day, a day where the world celebrates the creative minds of so many authors, illustrators, and filmmakers for bringing life to these other worlds.

What should I read?

If you’re new to the science fiction genre, it can be difficult to find the right story with so many titles out there. You want to find a story with character development, beautiful settings, and a rich lore. Books such as “Dune” by Frank Herbert or “Planet of the Apes” by Pierre Boulle offer the perfect starting point into science fiction. Many of these science fiction books have their own shows or movies associated with them. Large stories such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” have numerous shows, comics, and movies to help better understand the complex world. These franchises are so large and complex, it takes a great load of time to fully invest yourself into their stories. The authors spent countless years building these worlds for our imagination and the big screens.

Why should I read Sci-Fi?

Some people believe science fiction, or fiction in general, is a waste of time or that it doesn’t offer the same value as nonfiction books. However, these accusations are false. Science fiction enhances our vocabulary, expands our creativity, and it stimulates our imagination. These authors came up with complex ideas and worlds, and when we read them, we must imagine them. We place ourselves in their worlds and experience what the characters feel, we see what they see. It allows us to think of scenarios such as if cars were able to fly, or if a nuclear bomb had been dropped. Reading is knowledge, different genres offer different perspectives on reality.

Celebrating Science and Technology

Sci-fi authors often weave in science and technology themes into their stories, sparking interest in these areas for readers of all ages. A broad spectrum of STEM topics can be found in sci-fi works – biology, chemistry, earth sciences, robotics, artificial intelligence, and space exploration to name just a few. Many scientists acknowledge that their academic interests were influenced by science fiction writing.

Influence on Pop Culture

Science fiction shapes our society in so many ways, it gives us a chance to break away from our reality. Without the work of George Lucas on “Star Wars” or Frank Herbert on “Dune,” we would not have the blockbuster movies and TV shows we have today. Without Stan Lee and the countless other Marvel writers, we wouldn’t have the “X-Men,” “Avengers,” or “Spider-Man.” Viewers get lost in the settings that are presented.

When Science Fiction Day rolls around, take time to think of everyone who has contributed to the genre and celebrate them. The authors write a beautiful story from beginning to end that captivates us and make us want more. These characters, worlds, and stories have endless possibilities. Anything is possible in science-fiction.

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