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  • A black and white headshot of Martin Luther King, Jr. with a famous quote in text.

    MLK’s Impact in our Schools

    Ashish Bijumon

    Martin Luther King, Jr. has long been included within many schools’ curriculum for his perseverance against racism and standing up for civil rights. We are taught at an early age of the significance of peaceful protests and how effective it was during the civil rights movement. King’s impact is still felt within our schools. Students throughout the nation protest for different reasons and do so in a manner that reflects the methods used in the 1960s. They protest by peacefully marching through campuses or living spaces, harming nobody to make their voices heard.

    King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington in 1963, paved the way for an integrated and inclusive future. He made it possible for us to have a space where people of all different colors, cultures, and backgrounds can work and learn together while admiring one another’s differences. If it were not for pioneers such as King, our modern-day campuses would not be what they are today. Students throughout campuses are familiar with his speeches and letters such as the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” which showcases his fearless and resistant soul.

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a U.S. federal holiday that occurs each year on the third Monday of January, usually falling on or near King’s actual birthday of January 15th. Also referred to as MLK Day, this day allows us as Americans to remember the sacrifices that were made to create a better future for us. The civil rights activists fought during a time where they could be harmed and/or killed for voicing their opinions about equality. Leaders like King spoke profoundly and walked valiantly throughout the streets in the United States of America, all the way to the streets of Washington, so the frustrations of the citizens could be heard around the world.

    Take a moment on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year to remember the turmoil that Americans faced prior to gaining civil rights, the resilience they demonstrated, and how our lives have changed because of it.

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  • A group of college students sitting in a circle outside on their campus.

    Seize Your Summer!

    Ashish Bijumon

    We all want a stress-free summer after a long and difficult semester. It is a time to unwind and relax. However, students often waste valuable time on apps such as Instagram and TikTok. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of scrolling through social media for hours watching the latest Kardashian news or the new trendy dance. My own mistake was following sports news religiously. I wasted so much time until I realized I could use my time to learn a new skill, apply for jobs/internships, or participate in community events to network with others. The summer is a time for fun, but we must take control of the day and use it to our benefit. Here are a few tips I used to seize my summer and take control of my career.

    Rise and Shine

    During the summer I would stay up late until around 2-3 AM and wake up at noon. This was due to me playing video games late at night with my friends. However, when you wake up late, HALF of the day is already gone/wasted. I would be angry at myself for waking up so late because now the day felt shorter, and tasks felt like they could not be finished. This was very unmotivating and I found myself just pushing the tasks to the next day, except then I would repeat my same mistakes. I recommend setting multiple alarms so you can get up in the morning and get more stuff done, such as getting a workout going in the gym or heading to the library to pick up a book.

    Learn Something New

    During my first two years of college, I worked at a Dunkin Donuts. It was a fine job, but I felt that I was not setting myself up for a successful future. I wanted to learn skills in the computer field such as database management and coding; how could I do that being a barista? It took me a while to leave the job, but when I left, I went to the local library and picked up a “Coding 101” guidebook. This book would define my summer of 2021. I was taking a programming course the coming semester and knew that I needed to be familiar with the concepts. With more time on my hands, I used it on enhancing my technical skills. I read and practiced the different programming languages such as Python and JavaScript and became comfortable with them. I was a beginner in programming with no experience, but with dedication and structure I became confident in my skills and felt that I used my time to help my future career.

    Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

    I was lucky to be around career driven individuals. We all shared the same goal: to better ourselves. My friends and I would meet every evening to play basketball and stay active. We reserved the morning and afternoon hours to better our skills and network. Having people who share the same ideals and have the same mindset as you is a crucial part in taking control of your summer and career. They won’t be obtrusive, but rather they will support you and have your back. Surround yourself with positivity.

    Summer shouldn’t just be about focusing on your career, but you can use some of that time to make productive strides towards your career goals. Have fun, but don’t loaf around. Time is crucial, seize the day and reap the benefits.

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  • A very cheesy pizza with one slice being lifted out of the pie.

    Pizza: The Great Equalizer

    Ashish Bijumon

    Pizza, the only word that will never offend, hurt, or discriminate against someone. When you ask a child what their favorite food is, a majority will answer ‘pizza’! It is the world’s most popular food, and for good reason. There are so many different types of pizza and different ways of eating it. You can dine in with a fork and knife, you can fold like a hotdog, eat the crust first, or just eat from top to bottom. These delicious Italian delicacies are created in so many ways: Detroit style, Chicago deep dish, Sicilian, grandma, rectangular, and the best of them all…New York thin crust. Let’s take a look at all the varieties and think of the impact pizza has had on our society.

    Pizza In Our World

    Our society is fixated on social media and entertainment. Pizza has been prevalent in all types of media. Beloved characters such as the teenage mutant ninja turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants have had pizza be a main factor in their episodes. You can hardly watch 1 hour of television without seeing multiple pizza commercials – Dominoes, Papa Johns, and of course, ‘no one out-pizzas The Hut!” It is all around us.

    Pizza is a highly profitable business. All it takes is some dough, mozzarella cheese, and some tomato sauce and you will have a great pizza. There can be so many different twists on pizza, too. Countries such as India use a naan bread and ketchup instead of regular dough and tomato sauce. Different cultures and societies have their impacts on how they eat their pizza; New York is a gleaming example. People in New York are always in a hurry, so the thin crust pizza is something you can eat on the go without any hassle or mess. New York pizza is often quick, easy, and cheap. Some slices go for only $1, keeping the whole neighborhood fed.

    Perfect For Any Event

    Pizza is a great way to feed a crowd. It’s a common staple not only at college student gatherings, but also kids’ birthday parties, baby showers, bachelor parties, the list goes on. Establishments such as Chuck E. Cheese use pizza to entice children to have their parties there. It is the perfect food for any gathering.

    As Michael Scott from the famous sitcom “The Office” once said, “Pizza…the great equalizer.” Michael understood that pizza brings everyone together; it is a food that anyone can enjoy. He said this because he wanted to bring his workers together, the sales representatives, the warehouse workers, and even the pizza delivery guy. It’s a food that excites nearly everyone - nothing beats that combo of dough, cheese, and tomatoes.

    The Global Fascination

    It’s no surprise that each year, more than 5 BILLION pizzas are sold worldwide, with 3 BILLION coming out of the United States. The U.S has so many different versions which make them unique. There are no rules in eating pizza, you can follow Burger King's motto and “Have it your way”. The flexibility of pizza is what makes it so great and profitable. Eat it with barbecue sauce, ketchup, Wisconsin cheese, it does not matter.

    No matter how you slice it, just remember to appreciate this global phenomenon, “the great equalizer.”

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  • A library with the view looking up from the ground floor to the second level featuring multiple floor-to-ceiling shelves of books.

    Explore Endless Possibilities Through the World of Science Fiction

    Ashish Bijumon

    Science Fiction has influenced our society in so many ways. People across the world line up at the theatres to watch the newest Star Wars film or the next Avengers movie. These films, based on books and comics, allow us to experience a world of endless possibilities. They enable us to imagine a world where superheroes live among us, where dinosaurs are resurrected for an amusement park, or an interstellar conflict is happening in a galaxy far away. January 2nd is Science Fiction Day, a day where the world celebrates the creative minds of so many authors, illustrators, and filmmakers for bringing life to these other worlds.

    What should I read?

    If you’re new to the science fiction genre, it can be difficult to find the right story with so many titles out there. You want to find a story with character development, beautiful settings, and a rich lore. Books such as “Dune” by Frank Herbert or “Planet of the Apes” by Pierre Boulle offer the perfect starting point into science fiction. Many of these science fiction books have their own shows or movies associated with them. Large stories such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” have numerous shows, comics, and movies to help better understand the complex world. These franchises are so large and complex, it takes a great load of time to fully invest yourself into their stories. The authors spent countless years building these worlds for our imagination and the big screens.

    Why should I read Sci-Fi?

    Some people believe science fiction, or fiction in general, is a waste of time or that it doesn’t offer the same value as nonfiction books. However, these accusations are false. Science fiction enhances our vocabulary, expands our creativity, and it stimulates our imagination. These authors came up with complex ideas and worlds, and when we read them, we must imagine them. We place ourselves in their worlds and experience what the characters feel, we see what they see. It allows us to think of scenarios such as if cars were able to fly, or if a nuclear bomb had been dropped. Reading is knowledge, different genres offer different perspectives on reality.

    Celebrating Science and Technology

    Sci-fi authors often weave in science and technology themes into their stories, sparking interest in these areas for readers of all ages. A broad spectrum of STEM topics can be found in sci-fi works – biology, chemistry, earth sciences, robotics, artificial intelligence, and space exploration to name just a few. Many scientists acknowledge that their academic interests were influenced by science fiction writing.

    Influence on Pop Culture

    Science fiction shapes our society in so many ways, it gives us a chance to break away from our reality. Without the work of George Lucas on “Star Wars” or Frank Herbert on “Dune,” we would not have the blockbuster movies and TV shows we have today. Without Stan Lee and the countless other Marvel writers, we wouldn’t have the “X-Men,” “Avengers,” or “Spider-Man.” Viewers get lost in the settings that are presented.

    When Science Fiction Day rolls around, take time to think of everyone who has contributed to the genre and celebrate them. The authors write a beautiful story from beginning to end that captivates us and make us want more. These characters, worlds, and stories have endless possibilities. Anything is possible in science-fiction.

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