How Student Involvement Can Shape Your College Experience

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Rileigh Horcher
College students unloading luggage and supplies for freshman orientation. Some are wearing face paint and funny headbands.

Everyone tells you that getting involved within your school is so important, and I am living proof that this is true! I transferred to Texas A&M my sophomore year of college, and I felt like the smallest fish in the biggest pond. Texas A&M has a strong community of valuing involvement and finding your place, but it can be hard to find how you belong, especially as a transfer student. I decided to dive in headfirst to find ways to get involved and from that moment, my collegiate life changed. Through joining various student organizations, I found my calling to serve other people within my university and to build a massive community of friends and supporters in this brand-new place that I’ve learned to call home.

Greek Life and Community Service

My sorority has given me the chance to meet some of my best friends while serving in a philanthropic setting. I have also participated in a women's organization that benefited the youth in my area. We went to local elementary schools and read to the students to help improve their literacy rates by the time they were in third grade. Being a part of my university’s student government association has given me a completely different facet to be able to serve my peers and my university. I get to be a part of bringing our traditions to life through the events that we host, connecting the new generations of Aggies with the former students of Texas A&M.

Fish Camp

The most impactful organization that I have had the honor of being a part of is Texas A&M’s extended freshman orientation experience called Fish Camp. This is an Aggie’s first tradition in which incoming freshmen spend 2 nights and 3 days learning all that A&M has to offer. Students begin their college experience meeting new friends and getting to know what it is like to come together as an Aggie family and build lifelong relationships and connections to their peers and to their university.

Now let’s talk about how you can get involved on your campus! Getting involved is a critical part of making the most out of these 4 short years that we get in college. It gives you the opportunity to find out who you truly are, and to better yourself through the skills you’ll learn and connections you’ll make. You’ll build a community of life-long friends as you find ways to give back to your school and your community. Find a way to get involved today!

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