Gift Ideas for the Season

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May Gratton
A person holding a shopping bag standing in front of a large outdoor Christmas tree with lit with white lights.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, sometimes it is hard to find the perfect thing for your favorite people. Most of the time when we ask for ideas, we are often met with the response, “you don’t need to get me anything, don’t worry about it.” But, if you’re anything like me, you love getting gifts for others. To help ease the stress, I have made a list of a few gift recommendations, based on gifts that I have given to my family/loved ones.


Last year, I got my parents a digital picture frame. My siblings and I can upload pictures via an app to display on their frame. I have also gotten my parents matching hoodies from my college, Oregon State (go Beavs!) Instead of college hoodies, you could also go to somewhere like Old Navy and get them a nice sweater! If your parents are empty nesters like mine are, another great idea would be to get them some tickets to a concert or some sort of event that your parents would be interested in.


I’ve always been a huge fan of gag gifts for siblings. One year, when my sister was going to University of Oregon (my school’s rival), I got her an Oregon State blanket, with the intention of my parents keeping it. On top of a gag gift, something simple like a flannel or a cute sweater for your siblings will never go wrong. I always get my brother something simple like a hat, T-shirt, hoodie, or shoes.

Significant Others

A great idea for your significant other is getting them a perfume/cologne that you like the scent of. Personally, even if the scent isn’t my favorite, I would still wear it if it was given to me by my significant other. Another gift idea would also be an experience that the two of you can do together, like a concert, a weekend away, or a sporting event. Or how about matching customized sweatshirts? Finally, jewelry! You can never go wrong with a simple bracelet or earrings...maybe even a ring (wink wink).


It’s fun to use inside jokes and/or little things that you know about your friends in selecting their gift. Last year I got all my friends basic things that everyone uses but hates paying for, like makeup wipes. I also got them Turbie Twists (super-absorbent microfiber towels) to use for their hair after a shower. Candles are something that everybody can enjoy! Just think about random things that your friend may like and find a funny, but useful gift that you could get them. For example, one of my friends loves cats and sushi, so I found a pair of cat chopsticks for her, which she uses at least once a week now!

Happy gift giving!

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