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Author Mary Anne Poatsy shares insights on AI's impact in education, exploring ChatGPT's evolution and its adoption by students and institutions.

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Duration: 60 minutes

It has been shown that Financial Literacy Programs can help reduce student debt and foster positive financial behaviors. Today, with student loan debt on the rise, the demise of pensions, and future uncertainty surrounding Medicare and Social Security, financial literacy is a necessary skill for students. This webinar will provide a solid justification for a Financial Wellness Program at your university. It will also provide you with a look at what a good program—the MoneySmarts Program at Indiana University—looks like, along with a look at what is done at a number of other schools. Finally, it will describe the steps taken here at Virginia Tech to bring about a Financial Literacy Program, sharing the proposal used at Virginia Tech with those who are interested in order to give participants a place to start

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