Teach with Data: How GAISE, Technology, and Twitter Changed My Statistics Course

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Rebecca Wong of West Valley College shares her experiences using GAISE, technology, and Twitter to improve engagement and understanding in her statistics course, and ideas for how you can use technology and social media in your course.  

Rebecca Wong, West Valley College

Easy access to data has changed everyday life as we have known it. And how we teach with data has potential to change the classroom we used to know. Teaching with data can mean many things—how you introduce students to data, how you assess their understanding of data, how students harness the technology and tools at their fingertips to make meaning of data, and how we transform our students into data-literate statisticians for the real world! Using the GAISE guidelines, we will look at how technology and social media can help students make sense of, thrive in, and level the playing field in a data-rich world.