Helping Students Achieve Proficiency Through Meaningful and Authentic Contexts

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Join Claudia R. Fernández, PhD, of the University of Illinois-Chicago, and Muriel Gallego, PhD, of Ohio University, for a discussion of stimulating higher-level thinking and communication through the use of meaningful contexts.

Claudia R. Fernández, PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago
Muriel Gallego, PhD, Ohio University

Authentic contexts are not only facilitated by implementing authentic texts. This webinar discusses implementation of tasks that stimulate higher-level thinking skills and emphasize communicative functions in meaningful contexts that result in better written or oral products. These tasks can involve diverse dynamics, such as:

  • Stages involving searching, reflection, and individual creation
  • Collaboration where meaningful information is exchanged
  • Co-creation of texts
  • Brainstorming and presentations
  • Peer response requiring active, critical attention rather than passive reception
  • Peer evaluation
  • Re-elaboration of products based on comments and suggestions received



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