Translating Classroom Knowledge to the Real World: Helping Students Make Decisions about Mental Health Care

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Learn how to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and practical application in mental health care. This webinar offers strategies for students to make meaningful action steps in their own lives and support others who may be struggling.

Dr. Danae L. Hudson, Missouri State University
Dr. Brooke L. Whisenhunt, Missouri State University

Instructors spend significant time in psychology classes discussing the diagnostic criteria of psychological disorders, their etiological models, and treatment strategies. However, students do not always know how to translate this information into meaningful action steps they can take in their own lives. Epidemiological data suggests the vast majority of students will experience a psychological disorder(s) or have a close family member or friend who is diagnosed with a psychological disorder during their lifetime. In this webinar, we will discuss specific strategies to help students translate the information they learn in their psychology classes into actionable steps in their own lives and ways to help others navigate the world of mental health care.