Audience-Centered Teaching: How to Use Communication Strategies to be Student-Centered When Teaching Skills

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Gain practical strategies to become a more student-centered educator. Dr. Steven Beebe shares tips for enhancing your instructional practice and keeping students engaged in the learning process.

Dr. Steven A. Beebe, PhD, Regents' and University Distinguished Professor emeritus at Texas State University

Teaching and learning is essentially a communication process. When interacting with others, whether your objective is to teach, persuade, or simply enjoy the conversation, it is the audience or listener that is the most important element in achieving your communication goals. This webinar offers tips for being an audience-centered educator with a special emphasis on teaching skills. Dr. Steven Beebe distills practical strategies for being a student-centered educator based on several decades of research in instructional communication. This webinar offers ways of enhancing and assessing your instruction, whether in person or online, applying skills and techniques to keep students engaged in the learning process.