Using MATLAB GRADER in MyLab to Improve Outcomes in MATLAB Programming Courses

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Join Holly Moore, author of MATLAB for Engineers, as she explains how to use MATLAB GRADER to improve student comprehension and reduce faculty workload.

Holly Moore, Author

Holly Moore, author of MATLAB for Engineers, will share her experience using MATLAB GRADER in a course intended for freshman college students. Over 400 practice exercises and homework problems from her text have been adapted for the automatic grading platform MATLAB GRADER and incorporated into a new MyLab course. A selection from these problems was used in a course taught at Salt Lake Community College – and the results were astonishing. Not only was the work load for faculty reduced, but student comprehension improved. On one exam in an online class (with a small group of students) the average test score improved from the low 60’s to the high 90’s.

Holly will share more results with you, and will demonstrate how MATLAB GRADER in MyLab works.