Navigating Accessibility: Enhancing the Student Campus Experience with Pearson MyLab and Mastering

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Foster inclusive learning experiences. Learn from experts about digital accessibility, ADA compliance, supporting students with disabilities, and using assistive tech in MyLab and Mastering.

Lindsey Sneed, Accessibility Support Specialist, Pearson
Alyssa Cheeseman, Accessibility Support Specialist, Pearson
Doug Hacker, Director of Product Accessibility, Pearson

Institutions are under legal pressure to make their student campus experience accessible. Pearson makes it easy. We're constantly improving and adding to all the tools that make Pearson MyLab and Mastering such a successful and comprehensive tool in the classroom. Join the experts from our Pearson higher ed accessibility team to learn about digital accessibility and gather action items for making campus and class more accessible. The team will outline how to maintain ADA compliance, discuss ways to support students with disabilities and provide best practices for using screen readers and other assistive technologies within MyLab and Mastering.