Empowering Student Success: Strategies for Active Learning in Precalculus

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Elevate Precalculus instruction with interactive learning. Join Kirk Trigsted to explore strategies for engaging assignments, active learning, and teaching practices that inspire student success.

Kirk Trigsted, Author, University of Idaho

Ready to take your Precalculus instruction to the next level? Join Kirk Trigsted for a dynamic webinar exploring the power of interactive learning. Kirk will share his expertise in designing interactive assignments that promote student engagement and success. Through real-world examples and practical guidance, you'll learn how to create an interactive learning environment that inspires and motivates your students.

By attending this webinar, you will discover:

  • Strategies for implementing interactive teaching methods in Precalculus and corequisite courses
  • Techniques for designing engaging assignments that foster active learning
  • Insights from Kirk Trigsted's extensive teaching experience, offering valuable perspectives on effective instructional practices

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