Exciting Upgrades Coming to Pearson's Mastering Platform this Fall 2024!

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Delve into Pearson's Mastering updates for Fall 2024. Learn how faculty use AI study tools, interactive readings, custom questions, and managing incompletes to enhance teaching and learning.

Michelle Hu, Faculty Advisor, Pearson
Aaron Warnock, Faculty Advisor, Pearson

Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the exciting updates coming to Pearson's Mastering platform this Fall 2024! Tune in to learn how Pearson's Faculty Advisors Aaron Warnock currently uses these innovative features in his course and how Michelle Hu plans to incorporate them into his course teaching and learning experience

  • AI Powered Study Tool
  • Scheduled Readings > Interactive Reading Assignment
  • Custom Question Editor
  • AFU’s > companion study plan
  • Managing incompletes
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