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“Pearson English Connect (PEC) adds value to our business because our students are happy and make progress. They love the fact that they can take digital notes in PEC, get instant scores for their activities and have the option of saving their work. They are enjoying using PEC so much that our students voted to continue using PEC online during the class – they will bring their computers if they go back to the classroom."

Guadalupe Salazar, Pedagogical Manager, Academia Education

“I know the Global Scale of English (GSE) has helped us improve our program, and in turn, that has helped students have a more coherent flow from level 1 to 6 without a lot of hard jumps between them. The student learning outcomes are directly affected by the GSE, as they are designing the course based on the needs students have identified for themselves; therefore, there is a direct impact."

Mary Peabody, Director of Education and Jerry Docarmo, President and CEO of Harvest Institute

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