C++ Programming And Fundamental Concepts, 1st edition

  • Arthur E. Anderson
  • William J. Heinze

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This comprehensive guide covers the C++ programming language 2.1 and its io stream library. It also discusses the pre 2.1 versions of the language and also how pre-ANSI C and ANSI C differ from C++. It offers complete coverage of the new features provided in the C++ programming language, including multiple inheritance, so the reader can incorporate these features into their C programming style. This manual will benefit application programmers who need to expand their knowledge of C++ as well as software engineers such as graphics, database, systems, network and technical managers.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Non Object-Oriented Extensions to C++.

 3. Overview of Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Features.

 4. Fundamental Concepts and Building Blocks.

 5. Classes and Abstract Data Types.

 6. Constructors and Destructors.

 7. Friend Functions and Operator Overloading.

 8. References.

 9. Inheritance and Virtual Functions.

10. Conversions.

11. Input and Output - Io Stream Library.

12. File and In-Core I/O.

13. Manipulators.

14. Formatted Stream I/O.

15. Porting C Applications to C++.


Published by Pearson (May 7th 1992) - Copyright © 1992