Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, 1st edition

  • James A. Fagin

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A 12-chapter, paperback brief text that is realistic, applied and practical.


Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction is a realistic, applied, and practical text, which introduces students to the real world of criminal justice.


Fagin uses clear and simple examples drawn from decades of experience to bring criminal justice alive for students. With a clear and readable style, the author places the criminal justice system in the broader context of American government. 


James Fagin is a recognized educator in the administration of justice; an expert in areas of contemporary concern, such as transnational terrorism, computer crime, and computer technologies in criminal justice; and has hands-on experience in law enforcement.

Table of contents

1. Criminal Justice       

2. Understanding and Measuring Crime

3. Criminal Law: Control versus Liberty

4. Roles and Functions of the Police

5. Police Officers and the Law

6. Policing: Issues and Challenges

7. The Court System

8. Courtroom Participants and the Trial

9. Sentencing and Sanctions

10. Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections

11. Jails and Prisons

12. The Future of Criminal Justice


Published by Pearson (December 7th 2006) - Copyright © 2007