Electromagnetics for Engineers, 1st edition

  • Fawwaz T. Ulaby

Electromagnetics for Engineers

ISBN-13:  9780131497245

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Flexible organization – Organized to fit completely into a single-semester, 4-credit course; with some trimming as suggested in the syllabus table, it easily adapts for a 3- credit course.


Introduction of electrostatics and magnetostatics (after short introductory chapters on vector analysis) before proceeding to the dynamic case involving waves, transmission lines and antennas, emphasizing foundational principles while demonstrating their utility and scope through carefully framed examples and exercises.


. Technology Briefs–two-page long, self-contained overview presentations of:


     . Global Positioning System

     . X-Ray Computed Tomography

     . Resistive Sensors

     . Capacitive Sensors

     . Non-Contact Sensors

     . Electromagnets And Reed Switches

     . Magnetic Recording

     . Inductive Sensors

     . EMF Sensors

     . Liquid Crystal Display

     . Microwave Oven

     . Lasers

     . Bar Code Readers

     . Communication Satellite

     . Radar Sensors



Interactive CD-ROM accompanying the book – Helps convey the workings of a dynamic phenomenon static tools like figures and illustrations; an excellent self-study resource.


– The text contains 104 exercises, each posing a question, followed by an abbreviated answer. If the student wishes to verify that the solution for a particular exercise is correct, it can be done by looking up the solution for that exercise through the CD-ROM menu entry called Exercises (labeled “E”).


– Interactive Modules (labeled “M”) are designed to help students work through the solution of a multistep problem in a step-by-step fashion. In some modules, video animations are used to demonstrate the dynamic nature of the solution.


– The CD contains 79 demonstration (labeled “D”) exercises that utilize spatial displays of field distributions or temporal plots of certain quantities to convey the dynamic nature of EM fields and the roles of key parameters. D


– Under the section entitled “Solved Problems (P),” the CD-ROM contains complete solutions for 86 problems. Half of these problems were selected from among the end-of-chapter problems appearing in the book, and are identified by the CD symbol next to the problem statement. The other 43 are extra problem examples; their problem statements and complete solutions are available in the CD-ROM.

Table of contents



1 Introduction

2 Vector Algebra

3 Vector Calculus

4 Electrostatics

5 Magnetostatics

6 Maxwell’s Equations for Time-Varying Fields

7 Plane-Wave Propagation

8 Transmission Lines

9 Wave Reflection and Transmission

10 Radiation and Antennas

Published by Pearson (December 15th 2004) - Copyright © 2005