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Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development, 2nd edition

  • David A. Kolb

Published by Pearson FT Press (December 12th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

2nd edition

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Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development

ISBN-13: 9780133892505

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Table of contents

Foreword    x

About the Author    xii

Preface    xiii

Introduction    xvi

Part I  Experience and Learning

Chapter 1  The Foundations of Contemporary Approaches to Experiential Learning    1

Experiential Learning in Higher Education: The Legacy of John Dewey    4

Experiential Learning in Training and Organization Development: The Contributions of Kurt Lewin    8

Jean Piaget and the Cognitive-Development Tradition of Experiential Learning    12

Other Contributions to Experiential Learning Theory    15

Update and Reflections    19

Foundational Scholars of Experiential Learning Theory    19

Liminal Scholars    20

Contributions to Experiential Learning    23

Chapter 2  The Process of Experiential Learning    31

Three Models of the Experiential Learning Process    32

Characteristics of Experiential Learning 37

Summary: A Definition of Learning    49

Update and Reflections    50

The Learning Cycle and the Learning Spiral    50

Understanding the Learning Cycle    50

The Learning Spiral    61

Part II  The Structure of Learning and Knowledge

Chapter 3  Structural Foundations of the Learning Process    65

Process and Structure in Experiential Learning    66

The Prehension Dimension-Apprehension Versus Comprehension    69

The Transformation Dimension-Intention and Extension    77

Summary    85

Update and Reflections    87

Experiential Learning and the Brain    87

James Zull and the Link between the Learning Cycle and Brain Functioning    88

My Brain Made Me Do It?    94

Chapter 4  Individuality in Learning and the Concept of Learning Styles    97

The Scientific Study of Individuality    98

Learning Styles as Possibility-Processing Structures    100

Assessing Individual Learning Styles: The Learning Style Inventory    104

Evidence for the Structure of Learning    111

Characteristics of the Basic Learning Styles    114

Summary and Conclusion    135

Update and Reflections    137

Individuality, the Self, and Learning Style    137

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