History of the Canadian Peoples: Beginnings to 1867, Volume 1, 7th edition

  • Margaret Conrad
  • Alvin Finkel
  • Donald Fyson

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Canadian History is filled with stories of heroes, villains, betrayals, epic battles, tragedies, victories, and struggles for social justice. Are your students familiar, for example, with the story of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, Canada’s only federal politician that has ever been assassinated? And do learner’s know that Canada’s national summer sport, Lacrosse, derives from the Native American sport “baggataway,” which was so violent that chiefs would use games to give warriors a taste of battle hell? Do captivating stories like these come to mind when your students think about Canadian History—are they able to conjure up their historical imagination? Or, like many people, are your students paralyzed with the thought of spending hours memorizing names, dates, and battles?

History of the Canadian Peoples has been one of the most respected Canadian history texts for many years, known for its integrated social, cultural, and political approach to history and showing students that Canadian history is interesting and eventful. The authors continue to provide an inclusive and dynamic history of Canada, including the stories of well-known Canadians as well as every day Canadians.

Table of contents

Volume I:
1 Canada: A Bird’s Eye View
2 Indigenous Peoples Before 1500
3 Indigenous Peoples and European Newcomers, 1000—1663
4 New France Takes Root, 1663—1689
5 Strategic Outposts, 1689—1744
6 Society and Culture in Eighteenth-Century New France
7 Empires in Conflict, 1713—1763
8 Making Adjustments, 1763—1783
9 Redefining British North America, 1783—1815 154
10 Indigenous Peoples and the Fur Trade in the West, 1775—1821
11 Maturing Colonial Societies, 1815—1867
12 Rebellions, Reform, and Responsible Government, 1815—1855
13 British North America’s Revolutionary Age
14 The West and the North, 1821—1867
15 The Road to Confederation

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