Inclusion of Learners with Exceptionalities in Canadian Schools: A Practical Handbook for Teachers, 6th edition

  • Nancy L. Hutchinson

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Inclusion of Exceptional Learners in Canadian Schools is an outstanding introduction to inclusive education in Canada. In keeping with Canada’s commitment to inclusive education, this text examines positive ways of including children of all needs and abilities in the regular classroom. Author and educator, Nancy Hutchinson draws on her extensive experience educating students to help shape the skills and strategies future teachers need to create an inclusive classroom by individualizing learning for each student regardless of their exceptionality.

Throughout this book you will hear the voices of exceptional children, their parents, and teachers who are working together to enhance the learning experiences of exceptional students in regular classrooms. 

This text is for Faculty of Education pre-service and in-service courses covering inclusion, teaching exceptional learners and teaching students with special needs; for AQ courses in special education; and for similar courses in college-level ECE programs. 

Table of contents

Introduction So You Want to Be a Teacher 
Chapter 1 Inclusive Education: The Canadian Experience
Chapter 2 The Teacher’s Role in an Inclusive Classroom
Chapter 3 Exceptional Students: Learning and Behaviour Exceptionalities, and Mental Health Challenges
Chapter 4 Exceptional Students: Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Chapter 5 Exceptional Students: Communication Exceptionalities, Physical Exceptionalities, and Chronic Health  Conditions
Chapter 6 Teaching for Diversity: Including Indigenous Students, Students from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds, and Students at Risk
Chapter 7 Climate, Community, and Classroom Management for Student Well-Being
Chapter 8 Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Differentiated Instruction (DI)
Chapter 9 Differentiating Assessment and Using Assessment to Differentiate Teaching
Chapter 10 Enhancing Social Relations 
Chapter 11 Enhancing Transitions for Children and Youth Identified as Exceptional and those At-Risk
Conclusion Thriving as a Teacher: Your Mental Health

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