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Market Entry Strategy Project

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For undergraduate and graduate-level courses in international business.


The Market Entry Strategy Project is an interactive supplement illustrating three themes of the text: globalization, e-business/technology, and culture.



What projects do you incorporate into your class to provide students will a hands-on perspective of international business?


The Market Entry Strategy Project allows students to research a nation as a future market for a new video game system, the M-box. This system competes with current brands on the market and can be played either at home or between players in an online, interactive format.


  • Instructors can assign from one of four project modules, depending on the time available and desired level of difficulty.
  • Each module is slightly different.  Assigning more than one at a time provides a richer learning experience.
  • The ROME module is the only one that departs from the M-box video game by asking students to identify two real import and two real export opportunities for a country using real companies.


What characteristics do you look for in a simulation game that accompanies a text?  How much flexibility do you prefer?


Instructors can adapt this project to suit their particular course through four reporting tracks that differ in the time required and level of difficulty. The modules include:


·        Market Intelligence Report - Results in a Market Intelligence Report (MIR) for the country in which the M-box will be introduced. This report provides a broad overview on the country including its people, economy, and infrastructure.

·        Business Environment Analysis Report - Requires a Business Environment Analysis Report (BEAR) for the M-box in the country being researched. It involves rating and evaluating key national characteristics that may affect the marketing of the M-box. The BEAR takes up to four weeks to complete.

·        Report on Opportunities for Market Entry - This module requires a Report on Opportunities for Market Entry (ROME) that identifies several import and export opportunities for the country being researched. Real products and real firms must be chosen and a recommendation made.

·        Market Entry Strategy Analysis - Requires a Market Entry Strategy Analysis (MESA) for the M-box in the country being researched. The strategy formulated must reflect conditions in the country and address a range of issues such as entry mode, pricing, and promotion.


**Market Entry Strategy Project can be accessed through the OneKeys that accompany Wild/Wild/Han’s International Business, 4th edition or through <> with an access code.

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