Next Series: Social Networking, 2nd edition

  • Michael Miller

Next Series: Social Networking (Subscription)

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For use in the Emerging Technologies course or anyone interested in learning to use social networking more effectively.


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Table of contents

Introduction to Social Networking, 2nd Edition

1. A Practical Guide to Social Networking

Objective 1: Understand Social Networks

Objective 2: Recognize the Benefits of Social Networking

Objective 3: Comprehend the Hazards and Limitations of Social Networking

Objective 4: Protect Your Privacy

Objective 5: Recognize Social Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Objective 6: Appreciate How Businesses Use Social Networking

Objective 7: Realize the Future of Social Networking

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


2: Using Facebook: The Basics

Objective 1: Get Started with Facebook

Objective 2: Personalize Your Timeline

Objective 3: Find Friends

Objective 4: Manage Your Home Page

Objective 5: Update Your Status

Objective 6: Communicate Privately

Objective 7: Use Facebook on Your Mobile Device

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


3: Using Facebook: Advanced Techniques

Objective 1: Share Photos and Videos

Objective 2: Manage Events

Objective 3: Like and Create Facebook Pages

Objective 4: Network Professionally

Objective 5: Manage Your Privacy Settings

Objective 7: Use Apps and Play Games

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


4: Using Google+

Objective 1: Get Started with Google+

Objective 2: Personalize Your Profile

Objective 3: Create and Manage Circles of Friends

Objective 4: View Your Stream

Objective 5: Share What’s New

Objective 6: View and Share Photos

Objective 7: Chat with Friends

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


5: Using LinkedIn

Objective 1: Get Started with LinkedIn

Objective 2: Personalize Your Profile

Objective 3: Find New Connections

Objective 4: Send and Receive Messages

Objective 5: Join and Create Groups

Objective 6: Research Companies

Objective 7: Look for Employment

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


6: Using Pinterest

Objective 1: Get Started with Pinterest

Objective 2: Search For and Pin Interesting Items

Objective 3: Find and Follow Friends

Objective 4: Create and Manage Pinboards

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


7: Using Twitter

Objective 1: Get Started with Twitter

Objective 2: Personalize Your Profile

Objective 3: Follow Others

Objective 4: Tweet

Objective 5: Search for Hot Topics

Objective 6: Keep Your Tweets Private

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


8: Using Other Social Media

Objective 1: Use Social Bookmarking Services

Objective 2: Microblog with Tumblr

Objective 3: Share Photos with Flickr

Objective 4: Share Videos with YouTube

Objective 5: Explore Other Social Media

Content-Based Assessments

Outcomes-Based Assessments


Appendix A: Glossary


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