Principles of Computer Organization and Assembly Language, 1st edition

  • Patrick Juola

Principles of Computer Organization and Assembly Language

ISBN-13:  9780131486836

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Today’s incoming students are more likely to be exposed to Java than ever before. Focusing on a modern architecture (the Java Virtual Machine, or JVM), this text provides a thorough treatment of the principles of computer organization in the context of today’s portable computer. Students are given simple but realistic examples to gain a complete understanding of how computation works on such a machine. Juola makes the material useful and relevant in a course that is often difficult for second-year CS students.

Table of contents


Chapter 1:  Computation and Representation

Chapter 2:   Arithmetic Expressions

Chapter 3:   Assembly Language Programming in jasmin

Chapter 4:   Control Structures

Chapter 5: The Intel 8088

Chapter 6: The Power PC

Chapter 7: The Intel Pentium

Chapter 8:  Microcontrollers: The Atmel AVR

Chapter 9:  Advanced Programming Topics on the JVM

Appendix A: Digital Logic

Appendix B:  JVM Instruction Set

Appendix C: Class File Format

Published by Pearson (December 29th 2006) - Copyright © 2007