Profitable Menu Planning, Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • John A. Drysdale
  • Paula Kerr

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Appropriate for courses in Menu Planning, and Food and Beverage Management.

Exceptionally thorough, this text offers coverage of ALL aspects of menu planning including chapters on: planning and writing the menu, types of menus (from fast food to fine dining, banquets and buffets), objective and subjective menu analysis (including nutritional aspects). Canadian examples support the hands-on, real-world approach to menu planning.

Table of contents

 1. Know Your Customer.

 2. Know Your Restaurant.

 3. Costs.

 4. Pricing the Menu.

 5. Menu Analysis.

 6. Nutrition.

 7. Menu Content.

 8. Truth in Menu.

 9. Menu Layout and Printing.

10. Quick Service Menus.

11. Coffee Shop Menus.

12. Theme-Ethnic Menus.

13. Banquet/Show Menus.

14. Buffets.

15. Cafeteria and Cycle.

16. The Menu as a Management Tool.

Published by Pearson Canada (July 1st 1999) - Copyright © 2000