Resume Writing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Resume Preparation and Job Search, 8th edition

  • Lola M. Brown

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Lola Brown's latest edition of Resume Writing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Resume Preparation and Job Search provides time-tested techniques for creating powerful resumes and cover letters that get the job done.  Readers will learn to combine traditional job-hunting methods with the latest Internet resources to perform an effective job-search campaign.  New resumes reflect a changing job market that emphasizes healthcare, education, and information technology.


Features include:

  • Using the Internet for job searching
  • Electronic resume preparation
  • Select resume templates available online at

Additional Support - in and out of the classroom

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Features include:

  • Majors Exploration
  • Career Advice
  • Web Links
  • Tips from Success Students
  • Student Bulletin Boards
  • Faculty Resources

Table of contents

Index of Resumes

How This Book Can Help You

How to Use This Book

  1. Information About Resumes and Job Search
  2. The Job Search Campaign
  3. Laying the Groundwork for Your Resume
  4. Putting it All Together
  5. Resumes for Entry-Level Job Seekers
  6. Resumes for People Seeking Advancement
  7. Resumes for People in Transition
  8. Resumes for Special Purposes
  9. The Cover Letter
  10. Following Up
  11. The Interview
  12. What Do Employers Want?


Published by Pearson (May 25th 2006) - Copyright © 2007