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Teacher's Guide to Success, The, 2nd edition

  • Ellen L. Kronowitz

Published by Pearson (February 18th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

2nd edition


From best-selling author, Ellen Kronowitz comes the highly anticipated second edition of the The Teacher’s Guide to Success. Lauded as a blueprint for effective teaching and brimming with thoughtful and realistic advice, the new edition provides new teachers with a proven and practical approach to teaching through tried and true experience-based suggestions and research-based strategies. 


Organized into eight topical units that address the everyday needs, concerns, and realities of today’s educators, teachers are guided from the very first day to the end of the school year.  From organizing the physical classroom to mapping out a differentiated curriculum, the challenges of teaching are identified and streamlined.  The companion website is packed with engaging examples from real live classrooms, advice from leading authorities in education, and helpful additional resources for your first year teaching.  A resource you will never want to leave at home, this book reveals the ins and outs of teaching effectively in today’s classrooms.



Why mentors, induction coordinators and directors of human resources will love The Teacher’s Guide to Success for new teachers!  

  • With an authority gleaned from her years of classroom teaching experience and working with future teachers at California State University, San Bernardino, Dr. Kronowitz writes in a style that leaves all teachers feeling as though she is in the classroom with them. 
  • Checklists summarize key points and provide beginning and experienced teachers with a ready-made list of reminders that will help make their teaching days efficient and effective.
  • “Teacher Talks…” and “Student Says…” features illuminate the content with anecdotes or guidance from current teachers and student perspectives throughout.
  • “Classroom Artifacts” features provide sample lessons that incorporate concepts and techniques presented in the book.
  • “Apply It!” features encourage readers to apply and adapt concepts and strategies to their own situations.
  • “Myth Buster!” features take common perceptions and misconceptions about teaching, and explore their realities.
  • A robust Companion Website introduces the reader to the author and her philosophy of education, and provides teachers with over 60 video clips and additional resources that will assist them in the classroom and with their professional development


What Educators Are Saying

“The key strengths of this project are its comprehensiveness and the integration of ideas borne from research into ideas about practice.  I found this book to be a very thorough introduction to the entire first year of teaching and beyond…”

--Kristal Curry, Indiana University: Bloomington


“The author’s experience and knowledge comes through on every page.”

--Denise M. Rea, Fresno Pacific University

Table of contents

Unit  1        Are You Ready for the Journey

Chapter 1         How Does Teaching Differ from Student Teaching?

Chapter 2         What Does Research Show About the Induction Year?

Chapter 3         What Are Some Challenges for the Reflective Teacher?

Chapter 4         How Can I Plan Ahead for My First Day?


Unit 2         First Day

Chapter 5         What Can Help Me Through My First Day?

Chapter 6         How Do I Arrange and Assign Seats?

Chapter 7         What Should I Wear and What Should I Say?

Chapter 8         How Do I Learn My Students’ Names and How Do They Learn

                            Each Other’s Names?

Chapter 9         How Do I Establish Rules and Discipline the First Day?


Unit 3         Classroom Organization and Management

Chapter 10       How Do I Accessorize the Classroom with Bulletin Boards and Extras?

Chapter 11       How Do I Establish and Maintain Routines for Entrances/Exits, Beginning,

                            and Ending the Day?

Chapter 12       How Do I Move Materials and Students Around the Room?

Chapter 13       What Instructional Routines Will I Need?

Chapter 14       How Can I Engage Students in Operating the Classroom?

Chapter 15       How Do I Manage Technology in My Classroom?


Unit 4         Positive Discipline

Chapter 16       What Are the Main Views of Changing Behavior?

Chapter 17       What Are Some Causes of Misbehavior?

Chapter 18       How Can I Prevent Discipline Problems Before They Start?

Chapter 19       What Teacher Behaviors Lead to a Positive Classroom Climate?

Chapter 20       What Are Some Nonverbal Strategies to Maintain Order and Some

                            Responses to Avoid?


Unit 5         Planning and Organizing Subject Matter

Chapter 21       How Do I Align Standards and Fit Everything In?

Chapter 22       How Do I Write Unit, Weekly, Daily, and Lesson Plans?

Chapter 23       How Do I Gather Materials and Resources to Support My Instruction?

Chapter 24       How Do I Plan for Classroom Aides and Substitutes?


Unit 6         Engaging All Learners

Chapter 25       How Do I Communicate Positive Expectations to My Students?

Chapter 26       What Research-based Strategies Should I Consider?

Chapter 27       How Do I Combine Research-based Strategies with Cooperative Learning Groups?

Chapter 28       How Do I Differentiate Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners?

Chapter 29       What Are Effective Strategies for English Language Learners?


Unit 7         Assessing and Communicating Student Progress

Chapter 30       How Can I Assess Student Performance?

Chapter 31       How Can I Assess Student Interests and Attitudes?

Chapter 32       How Do I Manage Paperwork and Homework?

Chapter 33       How Can I Prepare My Students for Taking Standardized Tests?

Chapter 34       How Can I Enlist Support from and Communicate with Parents and Guardians?


Unit 8         A Professional Life in Balance

Chapter 35       What Is Reflective Practice and How Do I Engage in It?

Chapter 36       How Do I Establish Relationships with Administrators and Colleagues?

Chapter 37       How Can I Manage My Time and Balance My Life?

Chapter 38       What Professional Opportunities Are Open to Me?


Epilogue     Final Tips

Chapter 39       The Last Days of School

Chapter 40       Now It’s Time to Teach!

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