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Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary Schools, 6th edition

  • Candy M. Beal
  • Cheryl Mason Bolick

Published by Pearson (September 5th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

6th edition

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Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary Schools (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780132964425

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Table of contents

Part I: The State of Social Studies and Citizenship Education    

Chapter 1: Perspectives on the Social Studies   

Chapter 2: Supersizing Social Studies   

Chapter 3: Building Social Concern in a Globally and Culturally Diverse World


Part II: Developing Reflective, Competent, and Concerned Citizens      

Chapter 4: Organizing and Planning for Teaching Social Studies

Chapter 5: Promoting Learning Through Reflective Inquiry        

Chapter 6: Engaging Students in Collaborative Learning

Chapter 7: Skills for Citizenship Education

Chapter 8: Adapting Social Studies Instruction to Individual Needs       


Part III: Preparing and Assessing Student Readiness for 21st Century Citizenship

Chapter 9: Using Technology to Enhance Social Studies Instruction

Chapter 10: Evaluating and Assessing Student Learning




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