Textiles, 12th edition

  • Sara J. kadolph
  • Sara J Kadolph
  • Sara B. Marcketti


Prepare for a Career in TEXTILES with Confidence!

Sara Kadolph’s Textiles provides students with a comprehensive, basic knowledge of textiles. This beautiful book, filled with full-color photos and illustrations, examines the interrelationships among fibers, yarns, fabrics, and finishes and discusses how they impact product performance. Organized according to the textile production process, the text gives students a solid understanding of textile components and how they work together. New activities and case studies bring the text to life and facilitate group activities. A timeless resource for any professional in the industry, the Twelfth Edition has been updated to discuss sustainability, technological advances, and new career opportunities in the textile industry.


Table of contents

SECTION I: Introduction to Textiles

1.                Introduction

2.                Product Development from a Textile Perspective


3.                Textile Fibers and Their Properties

4.                Natural Cellulosic Fibers

5.                Natural Protein Fibers

6.                The Fiber-Manufacturing Process

7.                Manufactured Regenerated Fibers

8.                Synthetic Fibers

9.                Special-Use Fibers


10.             Yarn Processing

11.             Yarn Classification

SECTION IV: Fabrication

12.             Weaving, Basic Weaves, and Fabrics

13.             Fancy Weaves and Fabrics

14.             Knitting and Knit Fabrics

15.             Other Fabrication Methods

SECTION V: Finishing

16.             Finishing: An Overview

17.             Aesthetic Finishes

18.             Special-Purpose Finishes

19.             Dyeing and Printing

SECTION VI: Other Issues Related to Textiles

20.             Care of Textile Products

21.             Legal and Sustainability Issues Related to Textiles

22.             Career Exploration


Appendix A: Fiber Names in Other Languages

Appendix B: Fibers Not Produced in the United States

Appendix C: Selected Trade Names

Appendix D: A Map of the World

Appendix E: Standard Care Terminology

Appendix F: A Guide to Stain Removal





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