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University Physics for Life Sciences, 1st edition

  • Randall D Knight
  • Brian Jones
  • Stuart Field
Modified Mastering Physics without Pearson eText -- Instant Access -- for University Physics for Life Sciences

ISBN-13: 9780135821169

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  • Instant Access

1st edition

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2021) - Copyright © 2022

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Instant access

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For courses in university physics for the life sciences. 
This ISBN is for instant access to Modified Mastering (18 Months). Pearson eText is NOT included. 

Targeting university physics for life sciences courses
University Physics for Life Sciences helps premed students understand the connection between physics and biology. By blending light calculus-based physics with biology and consistently presenting the medical application, students see the relevance and real-world application of physics to their career. Informed by Physics Education Research (PER), Knight/Jones/Field and contributor Catherine Crouch prepare life-science students for success on the MCAT by showing the connections between true biology and physics principles.

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Table of contents

PART I Force and Motion

  1. Physics for the Life Sciences
  2. Describing Motion
  3. Motion Along a Line
  4. Force and Motion
  5. Interacting Systems
  6. Equilibrium and Elasticity
  7. Circular and Rotational Motion
  8. Momentum
  9. Fluids

PART II Energy and Thermodynamics

  1. Work and Energy
  2. Interactions and Potential Energy
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Kinetic Theory
  5. Entropy and Free Energy

PART III Oscillations and Waves

  1. Oscillations
  2. Traveling Waves and Sound
  3. Superposition and Standing Waves

PART IV Optics

  1. Wave Optics
  2. Ray Optics
  3. Optical Instruments

PART V Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Electric Forces and Fields
  2. Electric Potential
  3. Biological Applications of Fields and Potentials
  4. Current and Resistance
  5. Circuits
  6. Magnetic Fields and Forces
  7. Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves

PART VI Modern Physics

  1. Quantum Physics
  2. Atoms and Molecules
  3. Nuclear Physics

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