Working with Families, 6th edition

  • Rena Shimoni
  • Joanne Baxter

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Working with Families teaches the important connection between the well-being of children and the well-being of families. The authors accomplish this by integrating knowledge from a broad range of disciplines—sociology, psychology, anthropology—into a practical book that combines their theoretical knowledge, professional experience, and involvement with students.

Table of contents

About This Book

PART I: Understanding Families
1. Defining and Describing Families
2. Family Members and Family Roles
3. Family Transitions

PART II: Facing Family Challenges
4. Resilience
5. Divorce
6. Blended Families
7. Single Parents
8. Teenage Parents
9. Culturally Diverse Families [formerly Chapter 14]
10. Modern Families [formerly Chapter 15]
11. Children with Special Needs
12. Parents with Special Needs
13. Families and Poverty
14. A Death in the Family
15. Violence and Abuse in the Home

PART III: Working with Families
16. Understanding Parent Involvement
17. Resolving Conflicts and Tensions
18. Enhancing Parent-Staff Collaboration


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