Sullivan & Sullivan Precalculus Titles

Three Distinct Series for Precalculus

Sullivan & Sullivan Precalculus Titles

As teachers, the Sullivans understand students have different learning styles and levels of preparation and instructors have different teaching philosophies, styles, and techniques. Knowing this, the father/son pair have written three distinct series and MyMathLab courses that share the same goal—to develop a high level of mathematical understanding and an appreciation for the way mathematics can describe the world around us. The manner of reaching that goal differs from series to series.

Enhanced with Graphing Utilities Series

A thorough integration of graphing utilities into topics allows students to explore mathematical concepts and encounter ideas usually studied in later courses. The problem-solving approach differs from the other series by using technology. The emphasis on understanding concepts and building strong skills remains.

Precalculus Series
The Precalculus Series is the most traditional in approach, yet modern in its treatment of precalculus mathematics. Graphing utility coverage is optional.

Concepts through Functions Series
This series utilizes a functions approach as the organizing principle tying concepts together. Functions are introduced early in various formats. Each chapter introduces a new type of function and then develops all concepts pertaining to that particular function. Graphing utility coverage is optional.

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