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    Movement for Your Mind

    Ava Ambrose

    As a college student, I have a lot on my plate. From homework, to clubs, to maintaining relationships, it’s a lot. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed at times. Whether it is an upcoming exam, or a task I have to complete for an extracurricular, I can get stressed out pretty easily. That is why I find it important to set aside at least 15 minutes each day to be active. This does not always mean going to do a workout at the gym. On especially busy days, I take a short walk around my neighborhood and just allow myself to decompress.

    Keep Active

    Your mind needs breaks in order to perform at its best. Remaining active is a guaranteed way to keep your mood up while dealing with all of the struggles of schoolwork. Walks are especially great because they are so low commitment. As soon as I’ve made the decision to take a walk, I’ve technically already begun! All you have to do is step out your front door and the rest is whatever you make it! I love walking around my neighborhood because I never know who I may run into.

    Get Fresh Air

    It is also really important for your health to get fresh air, so you’re really doing a lot for your health by just taking a walk! I find it really peaceful to walk down to the lake that is behind my apartment complex; however, you don’t need a lake in order to enjoy nature! There are so many things to appreciate, and it can bring you joy to even just look at what’s going on in the sky. My favorite is when I see cool clouds or really pretty sunsets. And just like that, all of my stress is off my mind and I’m in a great mood.

    Other Stress Relievers

    There are many different things you can do for your health, both physical and mental. Physical activity has incredible benefits for your heart, body, and mind. It has been proven that physical movement reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. You can incorporate extra movement throughout your day. This could be taking your dog for a walk, choosing to take the stairs over the elevator, or even biking instead of driving. These may seem like small steps, but they can have significant impacts on your wellbeing.

    I find that being active is a very effective form of mindfulness. It brings peace to my day as it allows me to be with my thoughts. It is so important to remain active and give yourself breaks from all of the hard work you do!

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