Higher Education Events

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  • Join us March 30–April 1 for a deep dive into the latest digital learning innovations. Explore their impact on improving employability.

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    Manchester Grand Hyatt​, San Diego, CA​

    In Person
  • Three things you can do to make an impact, right out of the gate

    In a scramble to get online quickly, people tend to forget the human element. Join us as we share the things you can do to make an impact at the start: building an online learning community, as well as ensuring student and faculty engagement.

    Join us to expand on:
    • designing a learning community
    • student engagement in a virtual world
    • faculty engagement during the transition and beyond
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  • Join Dr. Lourdes Norman-McKay and Dr. Erin Amerman for a discussion on how to use the vast and weird world of conspiracy to ignite critical thinking in science students.

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