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    Maintaining Your Health During Freshman Year

    Cooper Grahek

    College is an exciting time for many young adults. For most, it’s their first time away from home and they have an opportunity to explore the world on their own. However, with this newfound freedom comes a lot of stress. This stress is something that I had a hard time handling properly. It took a toll not only on my mental health, but my physical health as well.

    During my freshman year I found myself locked in my room and doing homework all the time. I struggled to allow myself to do anything besides homework and felt a level of stress when I did. I never went to the gym, wasn’t staying active, and most importantly I wasn’t eating the best. I would often catch myself getting stuck in a “buffet mentality” at the dining hall and constantly never felt full. This led to me eating pizza and drinking soda with nearly every meal.

    Coming into college I was a little underweight for my height, and all I wanted was to put on some muscle. Instead, I put on fat, and quite a bit of it. Although eating was my main issue, never going to the gym didn’t help. By the time Christmas break came around I could tell I had put on some pounds, and not in the way I wanted. I knew I had to make a change. Instead of letting stress control my life, I used it to fuel my motivation to find interests that helped me escape, whether it was going to the gym or doing some other physical activity.

    Don’t let the stress of college control your life like it controlled mine. Physical health is one of the most important things that lead to a long life. You also need to watch what you put in your body as fatty and unhealthy foods can lead to you feeling worse about yourself and increase the stress you already feel.

    There is more to college than just the school portion. Remember that and always try to take care of your body both physically and mentally.

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