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    4 Tips for Staying Productive in College

    Deron Crockwell

    The college experience is often described as living life to the fullest but it does have its ups and downs. No matter what your major is, you will face some obstacles and find yourself less motivated and productive at times. In order to raise spirits, some students indulge in their favorite hobbies, and others may sleep, but for those who are not sure what to do to stay productive, here are four possible solutions!

    Plan ahead

    As cliche as it sounds, planning is a strong foundation for remaining productive and motivated. Often, before I go to sleep or right after I wake up, I take a few minutes to plan out the things I wish to accomplish for the day ahead. As you follow your self-made agenda, you will notice how satisfying it is to complete each task. At the end of the day when you realize all the things you have completed you will feel more accomplished and ready for the next day! Remember, it is important to plan some time for yourself as well.

    Consider your future

    One of the biggest reasons we attend college is to mold our future for the better. Constantly remind yourself of your ambitions and of what awaits at the finish line. For some individuals, it may be a certain career, while for others it may be a certain lifestyle. Just continue to remind yourself why you want your future to look like this! If you are finding it hard to imagine what the finish line looks like for you, ask yourself some of these questions:

    1. When pondering on a future home, what does it look like? Any unique rooms that you do not have in your family's house now?

    2. What does your work situation look like? Are you remote?

    3. Do you want to have the ability to give back?

    4. Will you develop new hobbies or continue your current hobbies?

    5. Do you wish to travel or try new things?

    After you consider these few questions, I want you to ask yourself how you will attain them. Constantly reminding yourself of this vision will serve as a liaison between your current status to your future one. Remind yourself of the steps you need to take to reach your destination!

    Get adequate sleep

    Sleeping is one of the biggest factors for being motivated and productive. Failing to get adequate sleep can increase laziness which can indubitably lead to you skipping class or assignments. A lack of sleep can impair your brain's ability to think and process information, which are key factors for your time in school. With adequate sleep, you will undoubtedly feel more refreshed and energized to get your day started leading to more productivity!

    Surround yourself with a strong community

    One of my biggest factors for staying motivated and productive is my circle of friends. It is very important to keep like-minded individuals around you. If your friends are driven and goal-oriented, you will find that their accomplishments motivate you. It is important to try and make sure that you push your friends to do their best and vice versa. Overall, do not spend time around people who only influence you in recreational ways because there are times when work comes first!

    Most importantly, staying motivated and productive starts with you. You must try your best to facilitate yourself. The world is yours for the taking, just make sure to have a strong will to do so!

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