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    Make Your Mark Through Campus Involvement

    Jeffery Fairley

    For most students, college is an institution that you attend after high school, where you can excel in your studies. However, college is far more than that! It’s a time to learn about yourself – to find out what you are passionate about! You cannot do that by simply burying your head in the books. Campus involvement offers a great avenue to discover your passions. I encourage you to get out there and get involved on your campus.

    Challenged to Make My Mark

    Once upon a time, I was your typical “boring” college student who lived in the safe zone of “school, work, study, sleep, repeat”. I barely went outside to enjoy the weather, let alone socialize with any of the other students outside of school hours. But one day it all changed. I attended a conference on my campus where I heard a captivating speaker. He gave this great advice: to make your mark on the world find an activity that allows you to express yourself. For everyone this is something different, but for me, that was Choir.

    My Passion Led to Peace

    Choir became an outlet that allowed me to find peace between my school work and life. I continued to get involved in other activities on my campus, such as National Honor Society, Student Government, and Student Support Services. After becoming an active member on my college campus, I had a stronger sense of dignity and pride in my academics and life.  

    Passion Pays Off

    Thanks to that speaker, I was inspired to make a mark in my life as well as on my college campus. Everyone needs to have goal that they want to achieve in college, in addition to making good grades and graduating. Having a goal outside of your academics will afford you many opportunities. I have gained traveling experience, leadership experience, as well as cultural experience. Getting involved has proved to be the best decision that I have ever made, and it is absolutely paying off. I hope that you take my advice, to make a mark on both your campus and your life.

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    Words of Hope: Standing Up to Bullying

    Jeffery Fairley

    I overcame a life full of challenges, among those was being bullied. I look back on my past and cringe at the tormenting that was cause by my peers, but then I realize that it was these incidents that made me into the strong person I am today. I want to share with you my experience and insight, and encourage you to be strong during tough times. There are individuals who will impact your life – for the worse or for the better. During a time when it seemed like everyone was against me, there was one teacher who stood by my side and gave me strength.

    I had to give myself a personal pep talk, just to get through the day. But one day, my pep-talk did not work. I felt discouraged and ready to give up. But I went to school like any other day. I attempted to avoid the bullies on my way to class, and took my seat in the front of the classroom. As soon as I took my seat, I felt something squishy on my bottom. It was a moldy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I got up and ran out of the classroom to find the nearest restroom. to clean the sandwich off my pants. I looked in the mirror with tears running down my face. I heard someone coming in the restroom, I fled to the nearest stall to wipe my tears.

    I then heard a voice. “Jeffery, are you in here?” I did not respond, but it spoke once more, “Jeff, you can’t stay in here forever. You are brilliant, and the world needs more people like you. The bullies that are bullying you will never leave you alone until you stand up for yourself.”

    I took his advice and came out of the bathroom. I went back into the class and took a seat. The bullies decided to bother me once more. I stood up and said, “leave me alone, I refuse to take this anymore!” It was scary to stand up for myself, but I got the job done. From that day forward, they never messed with me ever again. I went home that afternoon and completed my homework, which was due the next day.

    My teacher’s message to me that day saved my life. I have moved on and have been able to achieve success. I know my life is valuable. Your life is valuable, too. Don’t let anyone ever question it. Stand against bullies. You are a strong person and you don’t have to tolerate harassment. Seek out people who care. Please let my experience inspire you – you can make a change in your life.