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    Personal Organization is a Key Part of College Student Success

    Kiahna Seijo

    As a college student it can be difficult to stay organized, especially with the amount of classes you are taking on top of extracurricular activities and work. With everything going on, it is of the utmost importance to find a way to organize your time. There are many different ways – you just have to find the one that works best for you!

    Personally, I like to utilize Google Calendar. This virtual tool provides a calendar along with a to-do list. This is the perfect combination for me because I can view my weekly schedule and the assignments I need to complete side-by-side.

    In my weekly calendar, I add the events I have every week. This helps me be on time and prevents me from missing anything important. The calendar aspect also allows me to enter in events for the whole month, but I tend to get overwhelmed when I see everything at once. One of my main tips, if you’re like me, is to take it day-by-day. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed with the amount of work you have.

    Another tool that Google Calendar has is a to-do list. I input all the assignments I have for the week with the dates they are due. This is one of my favorite tools to use because I can check each task off my list. When I get things done it’s very rewarding to check each one off!

    I have made it a habit to check my calendar daily, and this helped me achieve all A’s in my first year of college. I found it very important to stay organized because as college students we have so much on our plates. On top of school and the three jobs I work, I am also the president of an organization at my school. Being organized and sticking to a routine has allowed me to have balance. I still have time to go to the gym every day, hang out with friends, and do things that I love!

    Whether you use a virtual tool or a traditional planner, take the time to find the organization tool that works best for you. I believe that being organized will significantly improve the trajectory of your life.

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