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    A Major Decision Made Easy!

    Rachel Hutchinson

    Exploring and applying to colleges was a long and difficult process, and when I finally chose to attend CU Boulder, I thought all of my decisions had been made. However, there was a new weight on my shoulders: what would I study?

    Choosing a major is an extremely important decision, and at first, I felt very stressed about making it. However, I soon realized that the decision came naturally.

    Take Your Time

    Some people know what career path they want to follow before they even enter college, but don’t worry if you are not one of these people. College is an opportunity to explore different passions and areas of study, and you do not need to decide your major before you have the chance to explore. Most colleges want you to decide your major by the end of your sophomore year, which gives you two years to discover your passions.

    When I came to CU, I knew that I wanted to eventually pursue a career in business, but I had no idea the specific area of emphasis. Business includes a plethora of career paths, from information management and data analytics to finance and accounting. My school allowed me to try all of these areas during my freshman and sophomore years and by the end, I was able to choose the field I was most excited about. I realized that I loved accounting, so I declared my major and began taking more accounting related classes my junior year.

    Don’t Stress!

    My advice for you if you are struggling to decide a major is to take time to explore your options. Spend the first year or two of college taking tons of different courses and finding what you love. Don’t stress too much about it! If you choose something you don’t end up liking, you can always change your major. Many people change their majors in college. It is completely normal.

    Overall, choosing your major can be scary but also very exciting when you finally decide what you want to pursue. I wish you luck on your journey through discovering your passions and choosing a major!

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    Career fair tips

    Rachel Hutchinson

    As the spring semester goes on, it is likely that your school will be hosting at least one career fair, but probably even more than that. Career fairs provide the perfect opportunity to make valuable connections and explore many different career options. This can be exciting, but also terrifying. You probably have a lot of questions. What if I have no idea what career I want to pursue? Do I need to bring my resume? What do I say to these intimidating recruiters? If any of these questions concern you, look no further! I will dive into the realities of career fairs and give my best tips on how to be successful in these situations. 

    Be Prepared

    Print multiple copies of your resume to bring and also practice how you’ll answer questions about yourself and what type of opportunities you are seeking. It is important to know and be well-versed in your career goals, interests, and passions beforehand so conversations with employers run smoothly. Another important tip is to dress for success. Employers are looking for professional candidates for their positions. It is vital to look the part so they know that you are committed and serious about the job. Business casual is the most common attire for attending a career fair and is universally acceptable for most positions. 

    Be Open

    You may have only one job in mind that you want to get and one person you want to speak with at the fair. It is possible that you will find something even better if you simply have an open mind and talk to multiple employers. Many employers also like to see you in an internship setting beforehand, so also look into those. Know that many times internships open doors to full-time jobs or get you connected with others that may hire you later. Don’t be afraid of an internship just because you feel like you have to get a full-time position right away.

    Be Consistent

    After leaving the career fair you may think your work is done, but that is not quite true. It is extremely important to follow up with the employers that you are still interested in. This can be through an email reminding them who you are and thanking them for their time. If you have the time you could even send them a personal thank you card to truly standout from the crowd. They likely met plenty of competent candidates at the fair, so if you want to be memorable, send a follow up in some way!

    Taking time out of your day to attend a career fair is the easiest way to network and meet those succeeding in your field. If you just take the time in expending a little effort, then you may just meet your next boss there. I wish you luck with your next career fair and don’t forget to just be yourself. 


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    New Year's Resolutions: Making realistic and achievable goals

    Rachel Hutchinson

    As the holidays approach, excitement and joy fill our lives, but sitting in the back of our minds is the pressure we feel to make phenomenal New Year’s resolutions. Thinking of resolutions can be easy, the most common being eating healthier and working out more often, but the difficult part is sticking to them. I believe that resolutions are valuable, but only if you put in effort to truly make the change. I have had the resolution of eating healthier for countless years, and it usually only lasts a few weeks, then I start again the next January. I am sure many of you can relate to this struggle. This year I have three New Year’s resolutions, including monthly budgeting, complimenting at least two people a day, and meal prepping. Here’s my plan for the new year plus some tips for creating and achieving your own goals for 2020!

    Monthly Budgeting

    When forming my resolutions, rather than vaguely stating “save money,” I am making specific goals that I know I have a better chance of following. By having a specific plan for budgeting and even creating a spreadsheet for how much I want to spend, I will actually save more money and have fun while doing it! Keeping an idea of how much you spend and what you spend it on each month will make you more aware of areas where you can cut back on frivolous purchases and make better budgeting decisions.

    Say Nice Things 

    My next resolution, complimenting people, is a part of a goal I have to be kinder, or as I like to say, kill them with kindness! However, a resolution simply to be kinder to others is vague and might not be extremely effective. That is why I have committed to give a compliment to at least two people a day. This is one everyone should try because kindness can go a long way! You never know what someone is going through, so give someone something to smile about and change their day.

    Make Ahead Meals

    Finally, I have decided to meal prep. Telling myself I will eat healthy is one thing, but actually preparing meals weekly and planning out healthy snacks is another. Meal prepping is a great way to stick to a diet and I am so excited to give it a try! Making things ahead saves you a lot of time — something most college students don’t have a lot of anyway.

    As 2019 ends, I want you to think about areas for improvement in your life and instead of creating simple resolutions, take a minute to brainstorm real goals that are realistic and achievable. Good luck everyone! Let’s make this your year!


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    LinkedIn Profile Tips: Small details make a big impact

    Rachel Hutchinson

    Before college, I was lost when it came to creating a LinkedIn account. However, throughout my first year I accumulated numerous tips and tricks for making a productive profile. I have found LinkedIn is a vital source when connecting with people on a personal level and a professional level. In fact, LinkedIn is the reason I am a Pearson Campus Ambassador and I could not be more excited to share my secrets of forming an impressive account! 

    Keep it current

    The most important piece of advice I can offer is to always keep your account updated. It may not be the first thing on your mind, but adding new jobs and experiences to your profile regularly will keep potential employers informed and intrigued. If you no longer work for a certain job, make sure it is not in your headline anymore. 

    Pick your picture

    Another fundamental step is choosing the right profile picture. Your photo should be professional and only of you, rather than a picture of you and your friends on vacation. This does not mean you have to pay for a professional headshot by any means, but it would be a great idea to put on a nice top and ask a talented friend to take a quick photo of you. My profile picture was taken by my friend’s mom over the summer, free of charge.