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Rachel Hutchinson
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As the spring semester goes on, it is likely that your school will be hosting at least one career fair, but probably even more than that. Career fairs provide the perfect opportunity to make valuable connections and explore many different career options. This can be exciting, but also terrifying. You probably have a lot of questions. What if I have no idea what career I want to pursue? Do I need to bring my resume? What do I say to these intimidating recruiters? If any of these questions concern you, look no further! I will dive into the realities of career fairs and give my best tips on how to be successful in these situations. 

Be Prepared

Print multiple copies of your resume to bring and also practice how you’ll answer questions about yourself and what type of opportunities you are seeking. It is important to know and be well-versed in your career goals, interests, and passions beforehand so conversations with employers run smoothly. Another important tip is to dress for success. Employers are looking for professional candidates for their positions. It is vital to look the part so they know that you are committed and serious about the job. Business casual is the most common attire for attending a career fair and is universally acceptable for most positions. 

Be Open

You may have only one job in mind that you want to get and one person you want to speak with at the fair. It is possible that you will find something even better if you simply have an open mind and talk to multiple employers. Many employers also like to see you in an internship setting beforehand, so also look into those. Know that many times internships open doors to full-time jobs or get you connected with others that may hire you later. Don’t be afraid of an internship just because you feel like you have to get a full-time position right away.

Be Consistent

After leaving the career fair you may think your work is done, but that is not quite true. It is extremely important to follow up with the employers that you are still interested in. This can be through an email reminding them who you are and thanking them for their time. If you have the time you could even send them a personal thank you card to truly standout from the crowd. They likely met plenty of competent candidates at the fair, so if you want to be memorable, send a follow up in some way!

Taking time out of your day to attend a career fair is the easiest way to network and meet those succeeding in your field. If you just take the time in expending a little effort, then you may just meet your next boss there. I wish you luck with your next career fair and don’t forget to just be yourself. 


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