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    Pearson's Mastering Physics saved my grade!

    Patricia Macalalag

    In high school, I absolutely dreaded taking physics. Something about the subject was just so scary! But after I graduated, I ended up taking an introductory physics course over the summer at a local community college to make my college applications more competitive. The class was the bare minimum; it was purely conceptual, with absolutely zero math. I thought this would make it easier, but I still didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. I was convinced that I was just incapable of succeeding within the subject. That all changed when I encountered Pearson’s Mastering Physics.

    Facing fears

    Once I got accepted to UCLA, I found that a 3-course physics series was a requirement for completion of my Physiological Science degree. Not to mention, physics is required for medical school, and I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor. I realized I could no longer avoid it! My fear was fueled by the horrible reviews about our physics courses, and being surrounded by my incredibly intelligent peers only raised my worries.

    Focusing on features

    But, as it turned out, I was blessed with an amazing professor and class for the first course in the series. I took Physics 5A in the Spring and my professor created an incredible learning environment, which included Pearson’s Mastering Physics. This online program contains features that are a huge credit to why I did so well, like the interactive textbook and homework problems that actually explained the solutions. 

    My favorite features are the videos and quizzes embedded into the textbook chapters because they help reinforce my learning! I love being able to check whether or not I actually understand a concept as I’m learning and taking notes. Additionally, in a class with about 150 students it was difficult to get one-on-one time with my professor whenever I had questions about concepts or the homework, but with Mastering Physics I was often able to figure things out for myself. 

    Finding a comfort level

    This past Fall quarter for my second physics course, I actually relied on Mastering Physics more than my professor for the first 5 weeks of the course. For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable with the subject and will 100% use it next quarter in my final physics class ever. I know some of you may have the same fears and worries about taking physics that I had, so I definitely recommend exploring Pearson’s Mastering Physics to supplement and enhance your learning!