National Service Sororities: Volunteering Via Greek Life

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Kristy Ho
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Many of us know Greek organizations as what we see in the movies, but in reality there’s so much more than what Animal House represents! There are different categories of fraternities or sororities, which other Pearson Student bloggers have written about here and here. Panhellenic is the most common known type of Greek organization. However there are also multicultural, religious, and national service organizations. I choose to be in a national service sorority. This type of organization is different compared to a social sorority in that its focus is on one particular thing: volunteering. My journey in joining a national service sorority has been life changing and I have learned so much along the way.

When starting college, it was never my intention to participate in Greek life or feel the social pressure of fitting into that dynamic. During spring 2017, I knew I wanted to join an active organization. I felt out of place on my campus and needed to build confidence by putting myself out there. Deep down I knew that joining a sorority would force me to be more social – something that I desired to gain in my college experience. A friend told me she was in a sorority called Omega Phi Alpha, a national service sorority that focuses on volunteering. At that point I had no idea a service sorority even existed. It supported everything I was looking for in an organization. Here are a few main factors that stood out to me when I joined Omega Phi Alpha.


When I first started school at Texas State, I had a hard time keeping a close bond with new friends. This sorority attracted my interests when it came to service, but it also focused on friendship and sisterhood as well. It allows you to share one big common interest and create long term friendships you never thought you would have.


In Omega Phi Alpha there are more than ten leadership positions available. Big or small sororities provide you with the opportunity to lead. You not only gain recognition in the service projects you participate in, but the leadership roles you take as well.


Each semester Omega Phi Alpha carries out projects in six areas of service: the community at large, the university community, the members of the sorority, nations of the world, the president’s project (a different cause every year), and the mental health project. These events help the members serve the community in many ways. This semester our sorority has planned to do crafting with seniors, quad days on campus, handing out care packages to the homeless, field day at the boys and girls club, and numerous local park cleanups.

I’ve gained very memorable experiences by being apart of Omega Phi Alpha. I grew emotionally and mentally as I gained leadership experience, lifelong friendships, and the opportunity to follow my passion of serving the community. I highly encourage you to consider a service sorority if you are interested in Greek life, but might be intimidated by the other sorority options. I am very thankful to have joined such an honorable organization.

Pearson Students: April is volunteer month. Tell us about your volunteer experiences.  Please share with the community by commenting below!

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