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Davki Patel
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Most college students have a similar mindset as they progress towards earning their degrees. They desire to be successful out in the “real world”, and to some that means having a high paying job. When considering different job opportunities, I encourage you to look past the salary and to embrace the experiences you could have in that role. What do you desire past the income? I would like a job that in which I can grow, emotionally and intellectually. One of the ways to get a job like this is to gain experience while you are still in college. Here are my tips to acheive this goal.  

On campus

Currently, I am in my second year of college, studying Business Management. I hold several leadership positions in organizations across campus that allow me to refine the leadership skills that will later be needed in my career as a manager.  As a martial arts student, I was driven and always learned ahead on my own. This passion shined through to my other teammates and I was asked to be a junior instructor. I instructed for seven hours a week for nearly eight years. Being an instructor of martial arts on my campus allowed me to refine my leadership skills and communication skills. Even though I do not want to pursue a career in martial arts, my involvement, and leadership in the program allowed me to get experience that serve me well in a future job.


Most interns hope their position leads to a real job after graduation.  I have never had an internship, but I know that a great idea is to go to a career fair or the career center at school.  They can help you find internships and co-ops within your availability and field.

Look local

I work for a smaller company which has allowed me to get experience a wide variety of roles. I’ve had to learn a lot of different skills and the inner workings of the company. Even though the company was small, my experience gained was huge. In fact, my current job is to coordinate the opening of a new store in my hometown and I think this will be a highlight on my resume.

When looking for your next opportunity, my advice is to get jobs that encourage and boost your resume in the field you want to pursue.  There are many ways to help yourself and be successful. You can start now by getting leadership experience on campus, or starting at an internship. Also, don’t fret about accepting a job at a smaller sized company because you could gain a wealth of experience that would not be possible with a larger corporation.

Pearson Students, How do you get experience for your future career? Please share by commenting below!

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