Living your reality after studying abroad

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Vivianna Loza
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Most students who have had the opportunity to study abroad say it is an amazing and magical experience. However, time flies when you’re abroad and before you know it you are back home. Re-acclimating to your old life can be really difficult. So, here are five things you can do – abroad and at home – to make coming back a little easier. 

Keep a Journal

You experience a lot while abroad and it can be hard to keep track of everything you do and see. The easiest way to avoid forgetting parts of your experience is to keep a journal. Take a few minutes every night to describe the day’s highlights in a journal or in a document on your laptop. Journaling helps you unwind after a jam packed day and is a great way to immortalize your experience. Looking back to your journal after your trip will help you remember all you did. You can also share your journal with family and friends when you’re tired of recounting your study abroad story for the millionth time.