Practicing mindfulness amidst uncertainty

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Alana Castle
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Similar to the experiences of many college students from around the world, my semester on campus came to an abrupt end when universities transitioned to online learning due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. I found myself in a situation that I had not anticipated and never experienced before. I was packing my belongings and moving back to my childhood home, with news of the cancellation of my summer internship and fall study abroad program weighing heavily on my mind. I spent my first weeks at home adjusting to a new class schedule, new academic requirements, and a new ‘normal’ in quarantine. 

Now, having finished my final exams and completed my sophomore year of college, I have had the time to reflect upon my experiences. Amidst these times of great uncertainty, the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that we have endured and continue to face prove to be difficult in a variety of ways. I cannot change the circumstances that I find myself in. However, I have found that there are ways in which I can practice mindfulness in order take care of my physical well-being, attend to my emotions, and learn to be present despite it all.