Tips to Manage Stress and Burnout

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Malia Cazalot
A computer-generated image of three students with stressful expressions.

Stress and burnout are something we all face, and as college students, it is only a matter of time before we experience one of these common issues. How can both stress and burnout be better managed? Here are some tips and tricks that tremendously helped me:

Switch up your routine

If you’re like me, then a routine is crucial to help you stay organized and efficient when going through your daily responsibilities. However, the same routine over an extended period can become monotonous. To help keep things fresh, re-arrange your routine every few months to trick your brain into thinking it’s doing something new.

Have a designated work area

With remote work/school becoming more prevalent in the last few years, the line between both work and play has become blurred. As a result, your home which used to be a place of relaxation has become a second office. Not being able to take a step back from academic and professional responsibilities can exacerbate stress levels and make it feel as if you have no breaks. One way to help mitigate these feelings is to have specified areas of work. Some of these places could be the school library, the office, a coffee shop, or a specific room in your home. Try to keep your work confined to these areas so you’re not bringing it along into other aspects of your life.

Implement self-care into your daily routine

‘Self-care’ is a phrase that is often used, and most people will have a specific self-care routine or evening. Although that is a nice way to treat yourself on occasion, self-care doesn’t have to be some big ritualistic thing performed infrequently. Little acts of self-care daily provide little goals for you to work towards throughout the day. For example, if you complete two hours of work then afterwards allow yourself to eat a sweet treat or 15 minutes on your phone. Small incentives such as those can help you to stay motivated throughout the day.

Block out your work

When you first receive a project or assignment, looking at the “big picture” can be daunting. Instantly you will feel both discouraged and deterred. Instead chunk out portions for you to complete over time. This will help you to feel accomplished throughout the process as you’ll be hitting milestones throughout. It should also help alleviate stress levels.

De-compress after a long day

The “daily grind” can be exhausting, which is why it is important to provide yourself with an outlet to de-compress and recharge for the next day. This can be accomplished through something as simple as journaling, getting some exercise, or spending time with friends and family…whatever activity that helps you to relax and de-stress!

Now that I have provided some of my best tips to manage stress and burnout, I hope that you will be able to implement some of them into your routine!

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